Silje Winther
how soft your fields so green, can whisper tales of gore, of how we calmed the tides of war. we are your overlords.


When the elevator opened, Silje invited Chase to step out before her, quietly promising that he had little to worry about. The click of her heels following her footsteps, Silje and Chase were both welcomed onto a nondescript floor of the Company building, filled with cubicles, desks and computers with like-minded people sitting before them, working quietly and efficiently. Sunlight shone through the large windows on all three exterior walls and the tapping of keys filled the room.

"Chase, this is our internal research team."

The woman gestured with a thin, manicured hand. “Every employee you see here used to live in The Zones, however they’ve all made the choice to join Better Living. They chose a more productive, meaningful life. Some of our employees refer to them as reform.”

Blue eyes shifted to the boy’s and she waited a moment for things to sink in. “Do they look unhappy to you?” She asked. “Talk to them and see, if you don’t believe me.”

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What kind of people?… are you sure I’m not going back to where I was?

No. You’re not going back to medical. Don’t worry… Why would I lie to you?


…but miss silje… where are we going?.. I don’t recognize this place.

Don’t worry, Chase. I’m here, so you’re going to be alright.

I just want you to meet some people, that’s all.


//chase followed Silje down to the car that was running and waiting for them. He hesitated a little before she spoke to him.//

Yes ma’am, he left about a half hour ago….
Miss Silje, where are we going?

…Mm, I see.

//Silje sighs and waves away the driver before turning her attention back to Chase.//

We can walk, if you’d rather. We’re going to the tower, but not the lab… I promise. We’re just stopping by my office for a moment.


Is there something you needed me to bring ma’am?

//he closed the door behind him after taking a few more hesitant steps toward Silje. He was still wary of the incidents that happened yesterday and how both her and Raph reacted to him//

No. Nothing.

//She smiles, quietly leading Chase down the hallway and out of the apartment complex. There was a car waiting for them, but Silje stopped in front of it, not getting in. She was unsure whether or not taking a vehicle would make Chase uncomfortable.//

Has Seraph left for the day?

//She asked instead.//


//Chase sits on the bed in the room and pulls out a piece of torn paper and begins to write briefly before stuffing the paper underneath the mattress. He grabs a small jacket and heads out the door to meet Silje.//

I’m ready ma’am.

//Already set to go, Silje adjusts the strap over her shoulder which held her bag. She smiles slightly upon seeing Chase, manicured hands folding neatly in front of her.//

Come on then, dear. I want to show you a few things.



Yes ma’am.

Will you give me a few more moments to get ready?

Of course, Chase.



Do you promise? Raph has been thinking about it but he keeps just getting angry at himself for thinking it.

Like I said before, dear. I can only keep my side of our agreements if you promise to behave.

[ brb tho bbs… my roommate brought home winter soldier and I gotta.. ]



Last night? Nothing happened last night ma’am..

Isn’t that what you want me to say and believe?

…Yes, that would be best.

I’ll be coming to see you today, Chase. Don’t worry, we won’t be going back to the lab.