It is best you come in so that we may discuss your options in private.


Silje, we are going to have to have a discussion regarding what is to be done with Chase. Unfortunately there is not a lot Madam wishes to continue you, help wise, with him.

…Well, what’s to be done, then?

He’s been admitted to medical? Again?

I don’t have time for this— I’m having trouble understanding why the process hasn’t stuck. If it works on Killjoys, it should work on Company property.

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Yes Miss. Silje. I look forward to helping the company as they have helped me.

//Chase laid back into the couch as Imogen jumped onto his lap, the creature still startling him every now and again.//
I believe that may do the trick.

Silje moved to stand up, passing by Chase and gently touching his shoulder as she did so. “Relax, dear. You’ll adjust soon enough.”

She left the room so that Chase could have some time to himself while she boiled some water. Maybe she would have to look into a medical adjustment for the boy.


I you would like to you may. I didn’t want to keep you up though.
//he paused\
I answered the door for your mail this morning, I believe there was a piece with my name on it but I didn’t open it. I left it on the counter, I think it’s something about a job or job choices.

Mm, we can leave that for tomorrow if you’d like. Though maybe it is time that you start thinking about a job; it’s good to contribute and give back to the Company.

Why don’t we have something warm to drink? Maybe that will help you settle in for the night.


Nothing is wrong Miss Silje, just getting use to being back in the city. It’s nothing to worry about.

Would you like me to stay up with you?

//She frowns, the concern written on her face genuine, but perhaps only there for selfish reasons.//


No…. I’m just awake for a little while longer. I will be going to sleep at a decent hour Miss. Silje.

Dear, if there’s something wrong, you can talk to me about it. I’d like to be able to help you.