Chase was quiet for a few moments, something was still on his mind and the longer he stayed silent the more he noticed the concern stressing on her face.

"I miss you both too but Miss Silje….. I don’t know if I’m gonna be leaving. I don’t think the nurses or the doctor wants me to get better…..I think they are trying to make me worse."

He knew it was a terrible thing to insinuate the company trying to kill off any citizen for any reason at all but Chase couldn’t help but think this, not after what he overheard one particular day.

"Darling… Do you really think they would do that to you?"

Silje frowned, trying to calm Chase down with her soft timbre, though she knew exactly what was happening. There was very little in the Company that went by without her notice.

"They’re doing what’s best," she assured, and she wasn’t lying, so it was easy to sound convincing. However, sometimes, what was right was not what Silje wanted. As much as she believed in the Company and as much as she agreed with BLI’s stance on Chase and his future, the woman’s selfishness refused to allow it all to happen. Things would work out in her favor— they always did.

"But I will do Better."

There was a look in the woman’s eyes, as if she knew something that Chase did not. However, before he could even comment on it, she was standing. “There’s no need to be afraid of anything,” she assured. “Have I ever done wrong to you?”


"I’m sorry Miss Silje, I just… I just don’t know why you are asking about him. "

He sighed feeling guilty that he had lied to her and had gotten caught. He sat up a little in his bed, struggling a little and feeling a little light headed from the action.

" He did come in to check on me, why? I’m not sure, maybe it had to do with what happened at the cafe. Other then that, we were just talking… I’m sorry I lied to you  Miss Silje."

Chase held his hands in his lap as he stared down at them. He would have said anything to make it seem like everything was normal, he just didn’t want to be there anymore.

"Mm…" Silje hummed, pausing a moment with her conversation and ignoring Chase for a moment to ponder this. When she realized that the dark-haired boy was expecting a reaction out of her, the blonde woman shook her head slowly.

"It’s very unlike Exterminator Seraph to take an interest in coworkers’ well-being," she provided. "I watch over him, almost the same way I watch over you, dear. I was simply concerned."

"And I am concerned, for the both of you.”

She reached out, sliding a finger under Chase’s jaw and tilting his head up so that their eyes met. “I promise, dear. I will do what I can to have you brought back home. Believe me, it’s upsetting to me that they’re keeping you. Imogen misses you too.”


"But I keep telling them I don’t feel sick or bad anymore but they won’t listen… I told them if they weren’t going to listen to me I wasn’t going to listen to them. I’m not trying to be mean, I just…. I don’t feel unwell."

Chase was quiet, he did get to speak to Raph for a little bit, surprised that he even showed up but it did worry him that Silje was asking about him.

"He wasn’t much of a talker… He pretty much just wanted to know where they had put me and if I remembered anything… I told him it was fuzzy so I didn’t really know."

A part of Chase felt bad for lying but he didn’t know what else to tell Silje, he couldn’t tell her the truth, just something down in his gut told him not to.


Silje pulled her hand away, shaking her head slowly, disappointment evident in her tone. “I thought that we were going to be honest with each other.” The woman sat back in her chair, lifting her hand, tapping the tip of a manicured finger to her glossy lips. 

"I could simply speak to Seraph. He knows better than to lie."

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Chase had grown more weary over the course of the few days that had moved him downstairs. He refused to eat what they brought him and was extrememly cautious about taking medication. Perhaps it was the nurse’s ideas to have Silje come in to try to convince him to take what he was given.

Chase tossed a little but opened his eyes to see Silje looking down at him, he couldn’t tell if she was happy to see him or not.

"Miss Silje?…. What’s going on? Why did they move me?"

Silje frowned, concern evident in the way her thin brows arched and knit together. “Your medication hasn’t been working as it should,” she explained softly. “You were moved to a more intensive unit. It’s not usual that this happens,” he continued, “the Company hardly leaves room for error… However,” Silje sighed heavily, as if this was difficult for her.

"Tell me, dear. I heard that Exterminator Seraph came to visit you." The woman tucked her hair behind her ear with her free hand. "Tell me what he said to you."

"Chase, wake up."

Silje hovered over Chase’s sleeping form, touching a hand to his face and speaking softly. She was dressed in her usual work-attire, ID badge clipped to her shirt, prominently visible.

Her pale hand cupped his cheek, thumb delicately smoothing over skin.

"I’m right here."

It is best you come in so that we may discuss your options in private.


Silje, we are going to have to have a discussion regarding what is to be done with Chase. Unfortunately there is not a lot Madam wishes to continue you, help wise, with him.

…Well, what’s to be done, then?

He’s been admitted to medical? Again?

I don’t have time for this— I’m having trouble understanding why the process hasn’t stuck. If it works on Killjoys, it should work on Company property.